Social science is an academic discipline concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within a society, which often rely primarily on empirical approaches. The department of Social Sciences in JKKMCAS aims to teach the different economics strategies at both farm and national level and different extension methodologies to the under graduate students and extension services to the farmers of this locality.

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Agricultural Statistics
  • Agricultural and Rural Management
  • Humanities, Physical Science and Computer Science

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural economics is an applied field of economics concerned with the application of economic theory in optimizing the production and distribution of food and fiber. Agricultural economics is the study of the allocation, distribution, and utilization of the resources used, along with the commodities produced, by farming.

courses offered:
01 AEC 101 Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics 1+1
02 AEC 201 Farm Management, Production and Resource Economics 1+1
03 AEC 301 Agricultural Marketing Trade & Prices 2+1
04 AEC 302 Agricultural Finance and Co-Operation 1+1

Agricultural Extension

Agricultural extension is the application of scientific research and knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education. Generally, agricultural extension can be defined as the “delivery of information inputs to farmers. The role of extension services is invaluable in teaching farmers how to improve their productivity. Extension is also critical to move research from the lab to the field and to ensure a return on investment in research by translating new knowledge into innovative practices.

courses offered:
01 AEX101 Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology 2+0
02 AEX102 Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education 2+1
03 AEX 201 Communication Skills and Personality Development 1+1
04 AEX 301 Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication 1+1

Agricultural Statistics

The importance of statistical science in agriculture is obvious, where the collection, analysis and interpretation of numerical data are concerned. Тhe agricultural researches are mainly based on the application of statistical methods and procedures which are helpful in interpretation of data that are measured in agricultural experiments. The application of statistical principles and methods is necessary for effective practice in resolving the different problems that arise in the many branches of agricultural activity. Statistical principles apply in all areas of experimental work and they have a very important role in agricultural experiments. Because of the variability inherent in biological and agricultural data, knowledge of statistics is necessary for their understanding and interpretation.

courses offered:
01 MAT 111 Elementary Mathematics 1+1
02 STA 211 Statistical Methods 1+1

Agricultural and Rural Management

This management and administration in rural and agro-based setup require a dedicated team of qualified and skilled professionals who have expertise in the domain to bring out effective and efficient changes. Agri-business Management and Rural Development course is a specific and extensive academic underpinning which deals with industry-specific knowledge and skills that students should have in order to make a significant contribution the organizations in which they would be working. The course focuses at bridging the gap of skilled and qualified professional that is required in the respective domain by nurturing the young graduates with industry relevant and market-specific knowledge base so, that they can make a contribution through its application and at the same time would be able to enhance their employability prospects.

courses offered:
01 ARM 301 Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management 1+1

Humanities, Physical Science and Computer Science

In the department of Humanities, Physical Science and Computer Science, language courses are offered in order to develop the interpersonal and communicative skills of the agricultural graduates. Computer courses are offered to teach the basic computer operating skills to the students. Physical activities and yoga can improve the quality of life, physical & mental fitness and health of the students.

courses offered:
01 TAM101 Ilakkiyangalil Vaelanmaiyum Ariviyal Thamizh Payanakkamum 0+1
02 ENG101 Development Education 0+1
03 ENG101 Comprehension & Communication Skills in English 1+1
04 NSS/NCC 101 NSS/NCC 0+1
05 PED 101 Physical Education 0+1
06 PED 102 Yoga for human excellence 0+1