Agricultural Sector is facing serious shortage of trained quality human resources. The thrust on creating trained quality human resources in the Agriculture, had ushered in the Green Revolution, followed by White, Yellow, and Blue Revolutions. Thus, the challenge is to sustain ably produce more from less for more (MLM). This has to be fulfilled along with quality assurance in agricultural education in this fast changing world.

           Therefore scientists, teachers, researchers, technologists, technology transfer systems to transform India from Ship-to-Mouth situation to the Right-to-Food status are pivotal to agricultural development in the country.

           Food demand by 2050 is projected to almost double, besides challenges from the shrinking land, water, and biodiversity resources. Further, the challenge is exacerbated due to uncertainties of the fast changing climate and markets.

           Hence, it is essential to articulate the knowledge and skills needed among the agricultural graduates for enhancing employability, employment potential, entrepreneurship, and science-led transformation of India’s food and agriculture system, enabling our graduates to become job-providers rather than job-seekers.

          B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture in JKKMCAS is offered with above backdrop to face real situation in the National Agricultural Scenario.


Dr.N.Asoka Raja, Ph.D.,