Our college farm has 110 Acres of land which was divided into 6 blocks viz., A block, B block, C block, D block, E block and G block. The details and their respective land area are given below,

A block

A block comprises of 4.23 acres of land area which includes crop cafeteria (0.50 acre) and cultivation of crops such as Black gram, Red gram, Cumbu, Banana and Groundnut. In crop cafeteria, different field crops are grown every year by the students in order to familiarize the cultivation practices of field crops.

B block

B block is especially meant for wood lot where the forestry crops such as Neem, Pungam, Lebbeek, Thespesia, Red sanders, Syzygium, F.rutisa are grown in 3acres of land.

C block

17 acres of land area is grouped as C block in which central farm is located. C block consists of Farm house, Farm Machinery unit, Thrashing floor, Cattle Shed, Coconut plantations, Vermicompost unit and Azolla unit.

D block

D block consists of 5.25 acres which comprise Nursery unit and cultivation of horticultural crops like guava, mango and medicinal plants.

E block

Meteorology Observatory, Piggery Shed, Mushroom Shed, water pond, Forage crops and wetland are grouped in E block with area of 10.73 acres. The meterological instruments such as Single Steeven’s Screen, Double Steeven’s Screen, Self Recording Rainguage, Ordinary Recording Rainguage, USWB, Robinson cup anemometer, Wind Direction, Sunshine Recorder were installed in the observatory. 3.5 acres of wetland area is being utilized for the student’s crop production course.

F block

3.5 acres of land area are being utilized for Amla plantation.

G block

18.75 acres of land area are being utilized for mulberry unit (mulberry plants), coconut plantation, cattle shed, farm house and cultivation of other crops.