Under Graduate

The minimum grade point of 6.00 has to be secured for the successful completion of a course. Securing a grade point less than 6.00 in a course will be treated as 'F' and the grade point will be zero for calculating the GPA/OGPA. An Overall Grade Point Average [OGPA] of 6.50 shall be the minimum requirement for the award of Degree for Under Graduate programmes.

Symbols in use
E – Incomplete [Lack of 80% Attendance]
F – Failed
RR – Re-Registration
IE – Improvement Examination
EE – Incomplete for Reasons other than Attendance
RE – Re-Examination

Calculation of OGPA

Symbols Particulars Description
GP Grade Point Total Mark [%] / 10
CP Credit Point Grade Point x Credit Hours
GPA Grade Point Average Total Credit Point / Total Credit Hours
OGPA Overall Grade Point Average Calculated for all the courses including all semesters

Marks Distribution Pattern
Under Graduate - 2011

Particulars Theory + Practical Theory alone Practical alone
Mid–Semester Theory 20 40 40
Mid–Semester Practical -- -- --
Final Theory 40 60 --
Final Practical 40 -- 60
Term Paper -- -- --
Total 100 100 100